Google Store

Google recently launched a new website to promote its hardware products. It is separate from Google Play which deals mainly with apps, music and games. The goal of the new Google Store is to boost the sales and popularity of items such as their Chromebooks, Nexus phones and tablets, Chromecast and much more. The website also provides valuable information and detailed specifications to help you make the best decision about a new device. You can sign up to receive updates, special offers and useful tips via email. Whether you’ve had your eye on a new tablet or just need an accessory for your current device, Google Store is definitely worth checking out.

Windows 10 Free for Qualified New or Existing Users

Windows 10 will be free for the first year for qualified new or existing Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 equipped devices. They will also provide updates and support for the registered lifetime of the device, including new features and functionality. You can sign up with Microsoft and they will email the details and upgrade offer when available.

Windows 10 was designed to give a familiar feel, cutting down the time needed to learn the new features and navigation. Security and software updates are delivered to your device as they become available so you’ll never be unprotected. The Windows 10 Store offers seemingly unlimited apps ranging from music and games to Microsoft Office applications. Xbox users can connect with friends to play the latest games.

Windows 10 offers new and useful features that are sure to make your computing experience more enjoyable. If you are interested in Windows 10 be sure to check Microsoft’s terms and conditions to make sure you are eligible.

Holiday Shopping 2014

November signals the start of the holiday shopping season with its annual big sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While there are great deals to be had, it is smart to research and compare prices to ensure you get the best deals possible. Other factors to consider include the number of units at the special cost and availability of the product. Most retailers will advertise a few “door-busting” deals to get you in their store, with the hope you’ll buy other products or services that aren’t marked down. Online shoppers should try to buy their gifts as early as possible to avoid delays including out of stock items, possible weather delays, or delays from the sheer number of shipments close to the holidays.

Considering these things before you make a purchase can save you time, money and the stress that can be associated with the holidays. With a little bit of research you can make your holiday shopping an enjoyable experience and get everything you want at great prices.

Price increases for Toner and Ink

Epson recently announced a price increase on select ink and toner cartridges effective December 1st, 2014. The increase percentage will vary for each unit. HP and Brother rolled out their price increases October 1st, while Xerox and Oki increased theirs in July. Manufacturers regularly review their product offerings and adjust costs based on the overall market. Check back regularly for the latest news and announcements.

Holiday Shopping on Cyber Monday

Tired of waiting in line for the sales of Black Friday? Well, now you can get great deals from the comfort of your own home on Cyber Monday. “What’s Cyber Monday?” You ask. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving when online shoppers congest the e-commerce world with traffic. It is the cyber world’s equivalent to local retailers Black Friday. Many online distributors offer customers holiday discounts and sales in attempts to lure patrons away from crowded malls and into the relaxing world of online shopping. With the abundant array of stores now located on the World Wide Web, the hassles of holiday shopping can be made easier with just a few clicks of the mouse from the comforts of your own home.

And to make online shopping more enticing to the holiday shopper, many online retailers, like, offer customers not only great holiday deals, but also ideas for gifts and convenient shipping discounts on Cyber Monday and through out the rest of the holiday shopping season. Have your holiday shopping lists prepared and ready to go? Many online retail sites offer their own easy to use search engines to make zipping through that holiday list near effortless. Just type in the brand or product name of the gift that you are looking for and let your computer takes care of the rest.

So why wait in line all night in the cold after your Thanksgiving meals? Take a few days, relax until Monday and shop with ease online. Best of all, you are sure to find everything to meet your holiday needs at the tip of you fingers without having to wait in any long holiday check out lines.

Streaming Netflix at Home

Netflix hit the movie rental industry just as online music downloads hit the CD industry in the 1990’s. Seemingly ever growing in popularity, Netflix has quickly gained a cult of loyal following. Offering over 10,000 movies in stock to be delivered to your door in a mere few days, many consumers have turned to streaming movies and TV shows over the internet. Viewers can choose to stream the movies on their PC or mobile device, or they can turn to a number of external devices such as the Roku Netflix player, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or TiVo DVR.

LG manufactures TVs that contain built-in Netflix streaming capabilities. These plasma or LED TVs are equipped with Ethernet jacks, allowing the user to directly stream Netflix content off of the internet. Though these televisions cost a little more then comparable models without the Ethernet jack, the streaming capabilities are becoming standard with more manufacturers.

In addition to their Netflix streaming capabilities, these internet enabled TV’s allow you to view online content such as YouTube videos without an external computer. Some newer internet enabled televisions even allow you to connect wirelessly, making the installation simple and clean.

Western Digital Proves Itself to be a Leader in Technology

Western Digital is currently the second largest producer of hard drives. Having been around for nearly forty years, WD has proven itself over time as a trusted brand and producer of electronic storage products. Though they are not typically known for being the manufacturer that directs jumps in hard drive capacity technologies Western Digital announced that they would be the first company to produce a 2TB hard drive in a single 3.5” unit.

Formerly, the largest hard disk drive on the market was Seagate’s Barracuda 7200.11 1.5 TB hard drive. This drive series has recently been reported to be flawed with a self-bricking malfunction. Meaning that some of these units begin working normally, then after some use (and apparently out of the blue) the hard drive will stop being recognized by the users’ computer. Currently, Seagate is stating that the content on the malfunctioning drives is not lost, but not accessible. Seagate also says that they are, “working with customers to expedite a remedy.”

Seagate’s misfortune could not come at a better time for Western Digital. For years the two companies have been close competitors, with Western Digital trailing in the number two position in hard disk drive manufacturing behind Seagate hard drives. Maybe these seemingly coinciding events will help Western Digital take the lead in their industry.