Insurers Using Drones

You can now add another job to the list for drones, assessing disaster sites to help get claims processed faster. The FAA granted approval for insurer AIG to use commercial drones in the processing of their claims. This will allow them to get to affected areas much faster, assess any risks before entering the area and handle a larger number of claims in a more timely manner. This is just one example of a growing number of ways drones can help certain industries improve their services and efficiency.

Pros and cons of 4K TV’s

If you want the latest and greatest in TV technology, than look no further than 4K Ultra HD. This blog will discuss some of the pros and cons to help you decide if a 4K TV is right for you.


With close to 4,000 pixels the main selling point of 4K TV’s is the increased image clarity and sharpness. You will see much more detail with virtually no degradation of the image.


As with any new technology the first models tend to be pretty expensive. If you are looking for a bargain you may have to wait a while. Being so new, there isn’t a lot of 4K content available for viewing. Some predictions have 4K players and media being available in time for the 2015 holiday season. Look for these issues to be addressed as the technology becomes more mainstream.

If you must have the newest technology right away and price isn’t a concern, than a 4K TV might work for you. For others, it might be better to wait until the technology matures a little before making the switch. As always, you should research anything you plan on buying to make sure you get the best deal and fit for you.

Amazon Prime Now 1 Hour Delivery

Amazon’s Prime members in select cities are able to order thousands of items that will be delivered within 1 hour for just $7.95. If you can wait 2 hours for delivery it’s free. These products range from daily essentials to gifts and toys. Starting with Brooklyn and Manhattan, Amazon has since added Baltimore, Miami, and most recently Dallas. Although not everything on Amazon’s site is available for Prime Now’s 1 hour delivery service, the total number of items available tops 10,000 and should expand as the service grows. Prime members can download the app and start shopping right away.

Along with the 1 hour delivery service Prime members also enjoy other benefits like free 2 day shipping, instant TV and movie streaming, along with unlimited music streaming and photo storage. Amazon’s Prime service is only $99 per year and offers many great benefits. There is even a 30 day free trial that allows you to see if Prime will work for you.

Google Store

Google recently launched a new website to promote its hardware products. It is separate from Google Play which deals mainly with apps, music and games. The goal of the new Google Store is to boost the sales and popularity of items such as their Chromebooks, Nexus phones and tablets, Chromecast and much more. The website also provides valuable information and detailed specifications to help you make the best decision about a new device. You can sign up to receive updates, special offers and useful tips via email. Whether you’ve had your eye on a new tablet or just need an accessory for your current device, Google Store is definitely worth checking out.

Windows 10 Free for Qualified New or Existing Users

Windows 10 will be free for the first year for qualified new or existing Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 equipped devices. They will also provide updates and support for the registered lifetime of the device, including new features and functionality. You can sign up with Microsoft and they will email the details and upgrade offer when available.

Windows 10 was designed to give a familiar feel, cutting down the time needed to learn the new features and navigation. Security and software updates are delivered to your device as they become available so you’ll never be unprotected. The Windows 10 Store offers seemingly unlimited apps ranging from music and games to Microsoft Office applications. Xbox users can connect with friends to play the latest games.

Windows 10 offers new and useful features that are sure to make your computing experience more enjoyable. If you are interested in Windows 10 be sure to check Microsoft’s terms and conditions to make sure you are eligible.

Square mobile payments to be more secure in 2015

Square, a mobile payment company, announced a new chip-based version of their mobile credit card readers. Done mainly for security reasons, the chip-based version is much more secure than current magnetic stripe readers. With the majority of current chip-based readers being bulky and not mobile at all, Square is offering the best of both worlds starting early next year. Starting October 2015 in the United States credit cards must adhere to EMV regulations to be chip-based instead of usingĀ  magnetic stripes.

Reducing the amount of credit card fraud while remaining completely mobile should allow Square to remain popular and grow in the sector. The mobile dongle will sell for $29, while the tabletop version will be $39. The dongle will be compatible with iOS and Android devices, is extremely energy efficient and should last the whole day. To find out if Square is right for your business, more information is available on their website.


Smartwatches offer great features that traditional watches just can’t match. Some are more fitness focused, while others have downloadable apps to fit your needs. Most, if not all, sync with your current smartphone in some form. It’s important to make sure the smartwatch you are interested in is compatible with your smartphone and has the functionality you need. More and more brands are entering the smartwatch market as the technology grows, with watches already available from great companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony. Apple’s smartwatch should hit the market early in 2015.

On to the benefits and why a smartwatch could be beneficial for you. For active people fitness tracking can be helpful in setting and meeting goals, tracking vital signs, and timing your workouts. If you can’t or don’t want to carry your smartphone, smartwatches can receive alerts letting you know when you get a text, phone call or email. You can also load playlists of your favorite music. Each smartwatch has it’s own unique features and functionality, so be sure to research the available models to find the right one for you.