Smartwatches offer great features that traditional watches just can’t match. Some are more fitness focused, while others have downloadable apps to fit your needs. Most, if not all, sync with your current smartphone in some form. It’s important to make sure the smartwatch you are interested in is compatible with your smartphone and has the functionality you need. More and more brands are entering the smartwatch market as the technology grows, with watches already available from great companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony. Apple’s smartwatch should hit the market early in 2015.

On to the benefits and why a smartwatch could be beneficial for you. For active people fitness tracking can be helpful in setting and meeting goals, tracking vital signs, and timing your workouts. If you can’t or don’t want to carry your smartphone, smartwatches can receive alerts letting you know when you get a text, phone call or email. You can also load playlists of your favorite music. Each smartwatch has it’s own unique features and functionality, so be sure to research the available models to find the right one for you.

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