Is a Convertible Tablet right for you?

MS_SurfaceTabConvertible tablets combine surprising power and functionality into a lightweight, compact package. They allow you to get the information you need no matter where you happen to be. Use it as a traditional tablet with touchscreen, or connect the keyboard and it becomes your notebook. The biggest advantage convertible tablets give you is flexibility.

Perfect for students – The large, crystal clear touchscreen displays offer plenty of workspace for assignments and projects. Fast processors, large hard drives, and the latest software provide everything a student could need to get through the school year. Convertible tablets also offer entertainment features like video chat, the latest apps, clear audio and HD video to keep you busy in between classes.

Perfect for business – Today more and more business is conducted outside of the office, making convertible tablets the perfect option for the traveling professional. Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet allows you to use the full Office Suite so you won’t miss a beat while out of the office. With powerful processor options you can quickly load even the biggest spreadsheets and charts, giving you the information you need to get the job done.

These are just some of the advantages of convertible tablets. Many top brands like Microsoft, Apple, ASUS and HP make quality tablets at great prices while also offering a wide range of performance options to suit your needs. With a wide array of accessories you can easily personalize your tablet. To find the tablet that is right for you, research multiple brands to find the best blend of performance, cost and features.

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