HP Lightweight Laptops


Have you heard about the Lightweight Laptop units? This one is a must read for people who are constantly carrying their laptops around, be it to the office or to their daily classes. It is time to replace them with the Lightweight Laptop units!
Laptops are no doubt the best technology has done to us, making our lives much easier. Could you ever imagine yourself without being able to bring your work or study wherever you want? These days we can bring our laptops anywhere! However, carrying a heavy laptop can be really painful, especially for those who need to walk long distances, or those who have back problems, etc. This is where the Lightweight Notebooks come in handy.

Initially, these Lightweight Laptop Notebooks were introduced in the market keeping in mind the necessity of business users. They were small and light units and had a better battery life than the heavy ones. However, they lacked on performance. Also, the screen of the Lightweight Laptops was much smaller that their counterparts.
Good news! Today, with constant technological progression, a high-performance Lightweight Laptop is no longer a dream. The new processor designs run faster and have made it possible for laptops to run with less power consumption.

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Okidata Multifunction Printer and Printers

It is amazing to see how Multifunction Printers units can execute multiple functions with so much efficiency. These units are a revolution in the Printer and Printers market.

A typical Multifunction Printer can perform some or all of the following functions: printing, scanning, photocopy, fax, and e-mail. Depending on their functions and speed, these printers are usually divided into four categories:

– AIO or All-In-One Units: These are small desktop units designed for home or office use. Mainly used as printers and scanners, they can easily be accommodated in small places.
– SOHO or Small Office/Home Office units: These units are specially made for office use and they also can be networked and connected by USB or parallel connection. Comparing to AIO, these Printer and Printers are more likely to have an automatic document feeder, greater fax capabilities and faster output performance.
– Office MFP: These Multifunction Printers are mid-sized freestanding units that are well-equipped with a large number of functions like printing, copying, scan, and fax, thus proving to be the most fully featured type of Multifunction Printers. These also feature additional finishing functions like stapling, hole punching, booklet creation, etc.
– Production Printing MFP: These printers are used for printing purposes. Also known as Print on Demand devices or Digital Presses, these feature high speed, high quality output, and highly advanced finishing functionality.

For a large office, one can choose from the more advanced units that are multifunctional and operate with full efficiency, at a speed of about 20 prints per minute in color and 32 in black and white.

Okidata Printer and Printers is not the only brand that offers Multifunction Printer units, there are numerous other brands as well, like Ricoh, IBM, Samsung, and many more.

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Canon Multifunction Printer and Printers

Canon is an outstanding company with more than 60 years of proficiency and has been manufacturing user friendly technical devices since then. Be it cameras, projectors, Printer and Printers or any other product, the innovative business technologies they provide are some of the best in the industry.

For example, the Canon Printer and Printers range includes high performance devices with exceptional design and economical operation. There is a large variety to choose from Canon Multifunction Printers and Printers. These printing units are divided into different categories:

– Canon Photo Inkjet Printers – Features color printing, faxing, copying, and scanning. These Canon Printer and Printers are capable of printing high-resolution photographs. This makes these printers ideal for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts.

– Canon ImageCLASS Multifunction Printers – Occupy the same amount of space as stand-alone printers, these stylish units are good for small offices or home offices.

– Canon ImageCLASS Printers – Monochrome machines that have fast printing/copying speeds and flexible connectivity options. Perfect for offices, these units are designed to produce top quality laser output and high productivity.

– Color Inkjet Multifunction Printers – These are compact units with good quality printing, copy, fax, and scan functions. The price varies according to the additional features.

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The Latest Trends in Notebooks

In technology it seems that most products’ lifespan follow the same pattern. Products evolve by becoming smaller, more advanced in capability, and/or cheaper. All three of these characteristics can be seen in the evolution of the notebook. Over the years advancements in the hardware and software have made it possible for smaller, lighter, more advance notebooks. Additionally, as technologies become more prominent, prices seem to drop even lower. All of this is good for both manufacturers, who gain economies of scale, and for consumers, who can buy more for their money.

Accordingly, one of the latest trends seen in notebooks is the ability to convert to a tablet when needed. This offers the user the choice of using it only as a tablet when the keyboard is not necessary. These convertible notebooks may be extremely thin and light, yet they still pack powerful performance allowing you to easily handle your daily tasks.

Convertible notebook pricing starts at about $799 and increases with additional features. Though this price doesn’t follow the trend of becoming cheaper in the greater scheme of all notebooks (most midlevel notebooks are priced at about $500), it is important to remember that convertible notebooks are fairly new and their prices will probably drop over the next few years. HP, Dell, ASUS, Sony, Panasonic, and Lenovo are just some of the name brand companies working to produce smaller laptops with bigger functionality. So if you are in the market for a new laptop, stay up to date with all of the newest technologies hitting the market and you will be sure to find great deals for your money.

Making the Match- Which is the Best Printer for You?

hp_q8361aIn general consumers enjoy the ability to choose from a selection of different product alternatives; however when faced with too many options, many consumers find themselves feeling baffled and distressed. These consumer feelings often apply to those in the market for a new printer. Accordingly, the following are a few tips to help simplify any consumers hunt for a new printer.

To get started, a good basic question to ask yourself is ‘what do I need this printer to do?’ Make a list of the functions that you need for your printer to complete, such as being able to print family photos. This ensures that you are getting the printer that truly fits your personal needs and that you are not being sold on irrelevant features at the point of purchase.

Now that you have your needs in mind, here is a short run down of the basic types of printers you will encounter on your hunt. Keep in mind what functions you want from your printer, choose accordingly from the following printer categories and go from there.

Laser printers are often a more costly investment, but over time with moderately heavy usage, laser printers can actually prove to save money and productivity. The speed and quality of prints is often what draws people to buy laser printers. Having faster prints can boost productivity in any fast-paced office or for any aspiring author. Additionally, the cost of toner may seem initially high, but the long life span of each toner cartage actually drives down the cost per print often lower then that of the average inkjet print.

Inkjet printers are usually the choice of the average consumer. They can be very affordable, name brand quality inkjets printers can start as low as $30. Also, they are very versatile in their capabilities, printing anything from family photos to lengthy book reports. However, though initial printer prices may be low and attractive, often ink cartridges run out quickly and can add up to be quite costly. Another drawback is that most inkjet printers will not give professionally finished photo prints.

If you are looking to get professional photo prints at home, you have a few basic choices. A high quality inkjet printer can do the job, but you must research the capabilities of the compatible ink, the supported types of paper, and the color management tools supported by the specific printer. Snapshot photo printers can also be a good choice. Though these printers serve only one function, most can be hooked up directly to your digital camera making a computer unnecessary to print quality photos.

Multifunction printers, also known as All-in-ones, can be the perfect solution to any home, office, or home office. These printers have the capability to not only deliver quality prints, but they can also copy, scan, and fax documents. Encompassing the functionality of four office essentials, many people are finding the benefits of multifunction printers.

Now that you have chosen the type of printer you need, going to the store to buy will not be such a intimidating task. You have an overall idea of what you want, and now it is up to you to determine your final choice of make and model. A little extra help at this step can be gained from the cnet.com article “How Do I Sort Out The Specs?” This article gives an easy to read run down of how to read all of the confusing printer information given on the box, etc. Good luck!

Network-Attached Storage Devices

Netgear_RND2150-100NASThe role of any corporate network is to keep employees connected. Network-attached storage (NAS) devices allow for the people within a network at different work stations to universally access, share, and back up files onto an external device. These network storage devices are not hosted by any one computer, but are attached to the main corporate network and can be accessed by any computer connected to the network.

There are many benefits that can be attached to NAS. One of which is that this system offers network users the ability of data sharing. Because files are stored and consolidated onto one shared network device, anyone with access to the network has access to the files, a big plus to many corporate networks. This system also creates the separation between storage management and the application of database servers; making upgrading either the storage or the servers a more flexible decision because they are made to be separate entities. Another key benefit to NAS is its simplicity. Installation of a network storage device comes with ease and minimal monetary cost. This simplicity also applies to the scalability of the shared network devices. As the network itself grows, devices with more storage or bandwidth can be easily installed and upgraded. Additionally, because many people on the network have access to the shared files, management over the files becomes a shared task. Sharing management roles over the network means no one person need be responsible for regular housekeeping tasks such as back up.

Improve the communication, efficiency, and capabilities within your corporation all at once. Make the choice to upgrade your corporate network with a network applied storage device to improve the productivity flow of your business.

HP’s New ProBook Notebook PC Line

HP has launched the new ProBook Notebook PC line, which combines advanced technical features with an attractive, chic design. Aimed specifically at small and medium-sized business users, the stunning notebook series delivers aggressive pricing, exceptional style, and a variety of configuration options. The latest HP notebooks are available with a 13.3-inch, 14-inch, or 15.6-inch widescreen display.

Every ProBook notebook features an innovative keyboard design on a raised surface, making it spill-resistant and easy to clean. Other features include a media card reader, four USB ports, and an HDMI output.

Besides its low cost and clean look, the HP ProBook series offers a few different OS options, including Windows 7 and 8. The newer models in the series (the ProBook 450 G2 and 455 G2) come with a 15.6-inch 16:9 display, an optional Blu-Ray drive, and a choice of AMD or Intel processors. Wireless connectivity includes standard WiFi and optional built-in Bluetooth technology.

The higher end models come with an integrated HD webcam and touchscreen technology for a better user experience. Multimedia enthusiasts can opt for AMD Radeon graphics with switchable graphics support and up to 16 GB of DDR3L SDRAM.

Pricing for the new HP Probooks starts at about $599, and increases with additional add-ons and features.