Why Should You Buy a Plotter?

hp_designjet_500Plotters, or wide format printers, are great for printing poster size prints and large architectural plans. If you do a lot of large scale printing, then stop debating and invest in a plotter today; it will make your life a whole lot easier. If you require large format prints only once a month or less, then you will be better off outsourcing large print jobs to your local print shop. However, if you require poster size prints more frequently then you will be better off investing in your own plotter instead of wasting money to have other people print your items.

Most plotters use inkjet technology and produce clear images that you can be proud to put your name on. These wide format printers range in price and in size; anywhere from 13 to 60 inches wide. The most common sizes are 24, 36, 42 and 44 inches and the most popular wide format printer brands are HP, Canon and Epson. If you invest money in a good plotter now, you will save yourself money over the course of your business.

If you need a smaller plotter, the 13 inch plotter is an excellent choice. Starting at around only $789, this plotter can print on 18 x 24 sheets and has about a 70 sheet capacity. If you need one that can handle a larger paper size and capacity, then you should go for a 36 or 42 inch plotter, which are average in size.

The HP plotters deliver clear, crisp, rich images and have versatile paper handling capabilities that allow you to choose between roll and sheet-fed paper along with many different weights and types of paper. They also have long life printheads that mean fewer supplies changes, unattended printing and low cost of ownership. HP plotters allow easy printing from any Microsoft Windows application, have USB connectivity, and come with warranties. If you need help with the plotter, don’t worry because it comes with a user manual on CD, a quick start guide and a reference guide.

There are all kinds of plotters that you can buy for your business. Just think about what you will print now and in the near future and any must-have features for your business. Making sure you get the right one will be worth your time and effort. Wide format printers are durable and will make your business better than it is today.

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