Why Should I Buy Refurbished?

When thinking about buying a new electronic toy, consider buying refurbished. Though many consumers are often detoured by this title, refurbished items are often a great cost-saving alternative to new. Unlike reconditioned products which frequently bear greater savings at a bigger risk, refurbished products have never been used, installed or repaired. A product having a refurbished title merely indicates that the product itself or its packaging has been renewed or updated in some way. There are many reasons for this “renewal” to take place, if: the product was returned unused, but with an open package; the exterior of the product or its packaging was damaged during shipping; the product was used for demonstrations; the product’s packaging was opened in-store; the product was deemed defective during production; the product was recollected by the manufacturer because of overstock. These products often need minimal work to repair damages implying minimal risk for the “renewed” product.

Also, buying refurbished offers benefits beyond the obvious cost savings advantage. Refurbished products are eco-friendly as well. When manufacturers refurbish products toxic waste is kept out of landfills. Replacing defective parts instead of scrapping entire units helps to reduce the estimated 4.6 million tons of electronic waste that are dispensed in the U.S. each year. This lessens the release of toxins such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury and arsenic from entering our landfills and environment. In this sense, buying refurbished products can be viewed as a consumer form of recycling (eCycling).

Now you must consider which refurbished product to buy, many factories as well as third parties offer refurbished units. Buying a factory certified refurbished product is probably your best bet, offering the benefits of being both cost-saving and being eco-friendly, while having the least amount of risk associated with the refurbished product. Because these products have been refurbished by the original manufacturer they are re-tested with the same standards as the original product and are often paired with better warranties. Also, the convenience of the internet makes finding available refurbished products simple. Online retailers such as Superwarehouse.com can direct customers to refurbished products such as refurbished printers, monitors, LCD TV’s, and MP3 players. So when thinking about your next tech purchase, think economically and think green- consider refurbished.

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