Why Document Management Is So Important

A Business Men Climbing a Pile of PapersDo you feel organized? Are you using up-to-date methods to manage your office documents OR does the concept of document management sound foreign and you keep storage closets filled to the brim with boxes of files?

Document management is an overall business strategy based on digitizing information so you can store, manage and share business information efficiently.

A well-designed document management system can help streamline everyday business processes in a number of ways. Document management can help reduce filing costs and reduce distribution costs such as printing, shipping, and postage charges when you e-mail a document rather than fax it. Document management can also protect information since you can control access to digital files and maintain a history of who reads the document. It also improves access to information because groups of employees can share digital files more easily than they can paper. Furthermore, document management can help your business comply with government regulations regarding information security.

Manage your documents

A combination of hardware, software and business rules can help you capture, manage and share your electronic files, saving you time, space, and money.


You can capture existing paper documents into an electronic version using scanners, multifunction printers (MFP’s) or digital senders.


Once your documents are in a consistent format, you can store and manage them on server and storage equipment in order to secure, store and backup your important electronic records.


There are a number of ways you can share your electronic files such as through email (i.e. Microsoft Outlook), printing, file sharing (i.e. using a Public Drive within your company’s computer network), and numerous other ways.

Your document management solution will depend on the size of your business and the amount of information you need to store and manage. Regardless, digitizing information saves you money and improves operational efficiencies across many areas of your business.

Building Your Own Document Management Solution:

Call your Super Warehouse Account Manager today to find the best document management system for your business. You can contact our knowledgeable Account Managers at (800) 814-5410. International customers please call (858) 764-8900.

Get organized in 2014!!!

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