Western Digital Proves Itself to be a Leader in Technology

Western Digital is currently the second largest producer of hard drives. Having been around for nearly forty years, WD has proven itself over time as a trusted brand and producer of electronic storage products. Though they are not typically known for being the manufacturer that directs jumps in hard drive capacity technologies Western Digital announced that they would be the first company to produce a 2TB hard drive in a single 3.5” unit.

Formerly, the largest hard disk drive on the market was Seagate’s Barracuda 7200.11 1.5 TB hard drive. This drive series has recently been reported to be flawed with a self-bricking malfunction. Meaning that some of these units begin working normally, then after some use (and apparently out of the blue) the hard drive will stop being recognized by the users’ computer. Currently, Seagate is stating that the content on the malfunctioning drives is not lost, but not accessible. Seagate also says that they are, “working with customers to expedite a remedy.”

Seagate’s misfortune could not come at a better time for Western Digital. For years the two companies have been close competitors, with Western Digital trailing in the number two position in hard disk drive manufacturing behind Seagate hard drives. Maybe these seemingly coinciding events will help Western Digital take the lead in their industry.

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