UPS Systems – Do You Know?

UPS_more_than_power_supply_lightningThey’re everywhere, especially in businesses. They sit quietly, somewhere near a workstation, humming in a reassuring fashion, the little light on the front glows with a comforting light. And that’s probably the extent of most people’s concern with the UPS that stands behind the computer systems in their office. These ingenious devices are all over the place, in applications from retail to business offices, from restaurants to bookstores. Any business can benefit from a UPS, that’s common knowledge. They kick in when the power goes out, to keep your computer running for a few minutes, right? Well, sort of.

A UPS is far more than just an emergency power supply. When most people think of them, if they do at all, it’s just to make sure the power is on to the device. That’s what they’re designed for; trouble free operation that you don’t have to think about. But what do they do, besides providing power? Lots of things.

Choosing the right power supply for your business is as important as the computer systems themselves. In addition to their well known power providing function, UPS devices also act as a sort of buffer between your computers and the nasty things that live in your electric lines. Things like power surges, brown outs, black outs, lightning, power dips and more. A UPS will provide a line of smooth clean power to keep your business’ computers running problem free. Power issues lead to damaged computer components, using a UPS takes that out of the equation and keeps your computers up and running.


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