The Latest Trends in Notebooks

In technology it seems that most products’ lifespan follow the same pattern. Products evolve by becoming smaller, more advanced in capability, and/or cheaper. All three of these characteristics can be seen in the evolution of the notebook. Over the years advancements in the hardware and software have made it possible for smaller, lighter, more advance notebooks. Additionally, as technologies become more prominent, prices seem to drop even lower. All of this is good for both manufacturers, who gain economies of scale, and for consumers, who can buy more for their money.

Accordingly, one of the latest trends seen in notebooks is the ability to convert to a tablet when needed. This offers the user the choice of using it only as a tablet when the keyboard is not necessary. These convertible notebooks may be extremely thin and light, yet they still pack powerful performance allowing you to easily handle your daily tasks.

Convertible notebook pricing starts at about $799 and increases with additional features. Though this price doesn’t follow the trend of becoming cheaper in the greater scheme of all notebooks (most midlevel notebooks are priced at about $500), it is important to remember that convertible notebooks are fairly new and their prices will probably drop over the next few years. HP, Dell, ASUS, Sony, Panasonic, and Lenovo are just some of the name brand companies working to produce smaller laptops with bigger functionality. So if you are in the market for a new laptop, stay up to date with all of the newest technologies hitting the market and you will be sure to find great deals for your money.

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