The Greenest Technologies

The independent global campaigning organization Green Peace is constantly working to encourage the preservation of the environment and peace. In their efforts to try to persuade people to change their attitudes and behaviors to be more environmentally conscious, Green Peace developed the “The Guide to Greener Electronics” in 2006. This “guide” informs the public about the top 18 electronic manufacturers’ policies regarding toxic chemicals and plant waste. By publishing this information and making it readily available to the public, Green Peace has motivated many manufacturers to take responsibility for their ecological footprint and change their policies to commit to improving their green efforts. This includes abolishing the use of any toxic chemicals, increasing plant and product energy efficiency, and taking responsibility for their electronic waste. Not only has Green Peace’s efforts motivated manufacturers to change their ways, they have also inspired many consumers to change their buying habits as well. As more green options become available to consumers, consumers can make the choice not to support brands or manufacturers who do not abide by these “green guidelines”.

In 2008 Green Peace began extended its “Guide to Greener Electronics” and published its first “Green Products Survey”. This survey invites top electronic manufacturers to submit one of their products that they consider to be the greenest. Among those to participate were Acer, Dell, HP, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba.

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