Streaming Netflix at Home

Netflix hit the movie rental industry just as online music downloads hit the CD industry in the 1990’s. Seemingly ever growing in popularity, Netflix has quickly gained a cult of loyal following. Offering over 10,000 movies in stock to be delivered to your door in a mere few days, many consumers have turned to streaming movies and TV shows over the internet. Viewers can choose to stream the movies on their PC or mobile device, or they can turn to a number of external devices such as the Roku Netflix player, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or TiVo DVR.

LG manufactures TVs that contain built-in Netflix streaming capabilities. These plasma or LED TVs are equipped with Ethernet jacks, allowing the user to directly stream Netflix content off of the internet. Though these televisions cost a little more then comparable models without the Ethernet jack, the streaming capabilities are becoming standard with more manufacturers.

In addition to their Netflix streaming capabilities, these internet enabled TV’s allow you to view online content such as YouTube videos without an external computer. Some newer internet enabled televisions even allow you to connect wirelessly, making the installation simple and clean.

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