Ricoh SG 3100SNw and SG 3110SFNw

Nowadays, most offices and homes depend on printers and printer accessories. There are special multifunction printers which can help in printing, scanning, fax, and e-mail. Ricoh printer and printers offers a diverse range to choose from. Two nice printers I would recommend you to have a look at are:

– Ricoh Aficio SG 3100SNw: This inkjet printer offers unmatched speed and quality for a wide range of size paper sizes. It delivers laser-class quality, but is far less expensive than a tabloid-size laser printer. Ricoh Aficio SG 3100SNw is among the best printer and printers of the same type. This model is just 33.8 pounds, a weight heavier than other ink-jets, but way lighter than a small tabloid size laser printer and printers. The SG 3100SNw also features scan and copy functionality, making your stand-alone scanner and copier obsolete.

– SG 3110SFNw: This is another multifunction printer that has a speed comparable to laser printers. It prints crisp and vibrant color images up to 3600 x 1200 dpi for professional results on any type of paper. The Ricoh SG 3110SFNw printer also features scan, copy, and fax capabilities that will make this machine the only one your office needs. The front access design makes replacing a cartridge or clearing a paper jam quick and easy.

Ricoh Printer and Printers have other models that are easy-to-maintain and cost-effective. They are not only useful for professional works but also worthwhile for homes. You can browse through the wide range of printers available at Superwarehouse store to select one matching your requirements. Besides printer and printers accessories, also offers you many other hardware and software products at very good prices.

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