Recycling Your E-waste

Many consumers would like to be green conscious, but regulations and fees often make recycling of e-waste inconvenient and costly. Manufacturer Recycling Management (MRM) is a company that is dedicated to the long-term goal of making manufacturers a part of the recycling process, and in-turn building convenient recycling systems for consumers. Founded by the industry leaders in green electronic programs, Panasonic, Sharp, and Toshiba, MRM has quickly been growing since the September 2007 start date in Minnesota.

Consumers of electronic goods are now able to drop-off and dispose of any e-waste at any of the 280 locations nationwide. So far there is at least one drop off location in every state (in most states there are two), but by 2011 MRM hopes to increase their locations to include 800 collection sites. Participation is open to all electronic product manufacturers, and currently includes 21 manufacturers and retailers participating in its program. There is no fee to consumers dropping off any of the participating company’s end-of-life electronics; however, e-waste produced by non-participating manufacturers is being accepted, though some of these products may have a disposal fee. MRM is committed to recycling the e-waste collected correctly; vowing not to use Federal Prison Industries (Unicor) or ship any of the waste oversees.

The ultimate goal of MRM is to bring manufactures together to build a collaborative e-waste collection infrastructure which will facilitate the sharing the of collection costs. In the end this should further motivate consumers to be more environmentally conscious when disposing of their old electronics. MRM is taking away the consumer’s excuses of “inconvenience” or “cost” as why they are not properly disposing of their electronic waste; which in the end creates a better situation for everyone.

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