Okidata Multifunction Printer and Printers

It is amazing to see how Multifunction Printers units can execute multiple functions with so much efficiency. These units are a revolution in the Printer and Printers market.

A typical Multifunction Printer can perform some or all of the following functions: printing, scanning, photocopy, fax, and e-mail. Depending on their functions and speed, these printers are usually divided into four categories:

– AIO or All-In-One Units: These are small desktop units designed for home or office use. Mainly used as printers and scanners, they can easily be accommodated in small places.
– SOHO or Small Office/Home Office units: These units are specially made for office use and they also can be networked and connected by USB or parallel connection. Comparing to AIO, these Printer and Printers are more likely to have an automatic document feeder, greater fax capabilities and faster output performance.
– Office MFP: These Multifunction Printers are mid-sized freestanding units that are well-equipped with a large number of functions like printing, copying, scan, and fax, thus proving to be the most fully featured type of Multifunction Printers. These also feature additional finishing functions like stapling, hole punching, booklet creation, etc.
– Production Printing MFP: These printers are used for printing purposes. Also known as Print on Demand devices or Digital Presses, these feature high speed, high quality output, and highly advanced finishing functionality.

For a large office, one can choose from the more advanced units that are multifunctional and operate with full efficiency, at a speed of about 20 prints per minute in color and 32 in black and white.

Okidata Printer and Printers is not the only brand that offers Multifunction Printer units, there are numerous other brands as well, like Ricoh, IBM, Samsung, and many more.

Superwarehouse.com offers a wide variety of Printer and Printers accessories, supplies, as well as a variety of other hardware and software products from other brands.

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