Network Security – A Bigger Problem Today

With innovations in technology come new threats to your network’s security. For every new advance, someone develops a way to exploit it. Businesses today rely on their networks to provide timely information, product availability, personnel information; almost everything regarding business is done through a network today. From sales figures to sensitive personal information about employees, it’s all locked away behind the security of your network. How secure is that network, though? You might be surprised at the answer. Many companies that thought their information secure found out the hard way that it wasn’t.

With information theft making headlines almost daily, it seems, it is time to step up security measures on networks. There are a number of solutions available that make big promises, but do the hold up? Let’s take a look at a few of the best network security offerings currently on the market.

The ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is designed to offer small businesses the utmost in customizable network security. ZoneAlarm’s offering, designed to prevent intrusions from incurring in the first place, is a comprehensive suite that offers an incredible array of tools to stop hackers, spyware, adware, malware and any other form of network threat from ever reaching your network.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is designed for up to ten workstations. You’ve got more than that? Not a problem. Check out Trend Micro’s Client Server Messaging Security. It allows for up to 25 licenses, and provides some major technology to stop problems in their tracks. It blocks viruses, spam, hackers and everything else under the sun in one complete package and, best of all, requires no administration. Set it up the way you want it and let it go. Trend Micro also offers automatic updates and configuration.


Call your Super Warehouse Account Manager today to find the best Network Security Solution for your business. You can call our knowledgeable Account Managers at 800 814-5410.

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