Network-Attached Storage Devices

Netgear_RND2150-100NASThe role of any corporate network is to keep employees connected. Network-attached storage (NAS) devices allow for the people within a network at different work stations to universally access, share, and back up files onto an external device. These network storage devices are not hosted by any one computer, but are attached to the main corporate network and can be accessed by any computer connected to the network.

There are many benefits that can be attached to NAS. One of which is that this system offers network users the ability of data sharing. Because files are stored and consolidated onto one shared network device, anyone with access to the network has access to the files, a big plus to many corporate networks. This system also creates the separation between storage management and the application of database servers; making upgrading either the storage or the servers a more flexible decision because they are made to be separate entities. Another key benefit to NAS is its simplicity. Installation of a network storage device comes with ease and minimal monetary cost. This simplicity also applies to the scalability of the shared network devices. As the network itself grows, devices with more storage or bandwidth can be easily installed and upgraded. Additionally, because many people on the network have access to the shared files, management over the files becomes a shared task. Sharing management roles over the network means no one person need be responsible for regular housekeeping tasks such as back up.

Improve the communication, efficiency, and capabilities within your corporation all at once. Make the choice to upgrade your corporate network with a network applied storage device to improve the productivity flow of your business.

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