Making the Match- Which is the Best Printer for You?

hp_q8361aIn general consumers enjoy the ability to choose from a selection of different product alternatives; however when faced with too many options, many consumers find themselves feeling baffled and distressed. These consumer feelings often apply to those in the market for a new printer. Accordingly, the following are a few tips to help simplify any consumers hunt for a new printer.

To get started, a good basic question to ask yourself is ‘what do I need this printer to do?’ Make a list of the functions that you need for your printer to complete, such as being able to print family photos. This ensures that you are getting the printer that truly fits your personal needs and that you are not being sold on irrelevant features at the point of purchase.

Now that you have your needs in mind, here is a short run down of the basic types of printers you will encounter on your hunt. Keep in mind what functions you want from your printer, choose accordingly from the following printer categories and go from there.

Laser printers are often a more costly investment, but over time with moderately heavy usage, laser printers can actually prove to save money and productivity. The speed and quality of prints is often what draws people to buy laser printers. Having faster prints can boost productivity in any fast-paced office or for any aspiring author. Additionally, the cost of toner may seem initially high, but the long life span of each toner cartage actually drives down the cost per print often lower then that of the average inkjet print.

Inkjet printers are usually the choice of the average consumer. They can be very affordable, name brand quality inkjets printers can start as low as $30. Also, they are very versatile in their capabilities, printing anything from family photos to lengthy book reports. However, though initial printer prices may be low and attractive, often ink cartridges run out quickly and can add up to be quite costly. Another drawback is that most inkjet printers will not give professionally finished photo prints.

If you are looking to get professional photo prints at home, you have a few basic choices. A high quality inkjet printer can do the job, but you must research the capabilities of the compatible ink, the supported types of paper, and the color management tools supported by the specific printer. Snapshot photo printers can also be a good choice. Though these printers serve only one function, most can be hooked up directly to your digital camera making a computer unnecessary to print quality photos.

Multifunction printers, also known as All-in-ones, can be the perfect solution to any home, office, or home office. These printers have the capability to not only deliver quality prints, but they can also copy, scan, and fax documents. Encompassing the functionality of four office essentials, many people are finding the benefits of multifunction printers.

Now that you have chosen the type of printer you need, going to the store to buy will not be such a intimidating task. You have an overall idea of what you want, and now it is up to you to determine your final choice of make and model. A little extra help at this step can be gained from the article “How Do I Sort Out The Specs?” This article gives an easy to read run down of how to read all of the confusing printer information given on the box, etc. Good luck!

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