Maintenance Tips for Laser Printers

If you print lots of documents per day, Laser Printers are the best choice. These printers are capable of producing high quality text and graphics and their printing speed is faster than any other printer. The fastest color Laser Printer can print over 6,000 pages per hour. These units can also be used as regular black and white printers. The printers are fully apt for heavy use and proper maintenance can keep them functioning for years!

To help you better deal with your laser printer, here are some problems that Laser Printers might face and solutions to solve them. These include:

Vertical white lines
The printout might show visible white line. This problem occurs when the toner gets clogged. Shaking the toner cartridge might remove the clog; otherwise the cartridge will have to be replaced.

Blank paper
This generally indicates that the printer is out of toner. If not so, print a diagnostic printing page before printing the required document.

Embossed effect on printouts

If the printouts have an embossed effect (somewhat similar to rubbing a pencil over a coin), it means that there is some dirt on the roller or the drum. Wipe the roller with a soft cloth dipped in water. If this does not solve the problem, the toner cartridge might need replacement.

Incomplete Characters
To solve this problem, always use materials that are approved for Laser Printers. If the problem still persists, the print density can be adjusted.

Blotchy printing

Blotchy prints usually occur due to uneven dispersion of the toner. This problem can be solved by shaking the toner from side to side. Also check that the printer is placed on a leveled surface.

Ghosting of characters
Ghosting can be dark or light. In case of dark ghosting, the problem might be because of a damaged drum; replacing the cartridges can help. However, light ghosting cannot be fixed this way. They might need some printer alterations like lowering the resolution of the page, printing in landscape settings, etc.

Following the instructions above mentioned can help you deal with your printer related problems!

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