Lexmark Printer and Printers for your office

Lexmark Laser Printer and Printers are high quality printers that produce great quality text and graphics on plain paper.


The Laser Printers use a technology somewhat similar to that used by photocopiers. They have a roller charged with electricity, and a laser removes the charge from parts of the roller. The powdered ink/toner used in the printer sticks to the portions of the roller that were hit by the laser and is transferred from the roller to the paper. This powdered ink is then baked onto the paper using a heater.

Laser Printers have two different kinds of technologies:

  • Carousel — the printer passes over the paper four times to print a document, one for each primary color and one for black. This makes printing in color four times slower than in black.
  • Tandem — the ink/toners are applied all together. Its output is fast when printing in color. However, this technology is more expensive, therefore used only by middle to top-of-the-line Color Laser Printers.

There are a variety of Laser Printers available on the market to choose from. Lexmark, HP, Xerox and IBM are some of the reliable brand names. The Lexmark Printer and Printers, for example, are available for office use as well as for use at home.

Lexmark’s high performance, photo-quality Color Laser Printers are good for use in offices. They are capable of networking and have extensive paper-handling options. Other features of these high speed printers include front loading cartridge system and Photo Enhancement Technology. The front loading cartridge system provides ease in loading the toner cartridges and the Photo Enhancement Technology accounts for better and clearer photo printing.

There are Laser Printers for home use too. These are small, cheaper units that give in good quality printing. Though the printing speed of these units is less than that of high-performance printers, these are the best for use in small offices.

If you want to check on more options in Lexmark Printer and Printers, browse through the Superwarehouse store. They have a variety of branded Printer and Printers to choose from.

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