LCD TVs vs. Plasma TVs

With the new market for HDTV’s becoming ever more affordable for the average consumer, people are often questioning- do I buy LCD or plasma?

Why LCD is better then plasma:
LCD televisions tend to have higher native resolutions then plasma televisions. Meaning that there are more pixels in the LCD screen, giving images viewed more detail because of higher resolution.

LCD TVs also use as much as 50% less electricity then plasma TVs because LCDs are lit by florescent backlights rather then having each pixel fueled by power as plasma televisions have.

LCDs weigh less and are more easily moved then plasma televisions of the same dimensions, making LCD TVs a better candidate for wall mounted televisions then plasmas.

Additionally, LCD televisions on average last longer then most plasma televisions. The life span of an LCD screen is usually guaranteed at 60,000 hours- meaning that this is their minimum lifespan and can actually last longer then these specs. On the other hand, plasma televisions last anywhere between 30,000 to 60,000 hours- meaning that the longest a plasma television generally lasts is for 60,000 hours.

Lastly, LCDs are less susceptible to screen burn in then plasmas are. Screen burn in is the ghost of an image that is left after that image is left still on the screen for too long.

Why plasma is better then LCD:
The major reason why people prefer plasma over LCD television is that the color contrast is generally better then that of LCD. This means that the black that is viewed on a plasma screen will appear darker and more black then that viewed on an LCD screen; accordingly the whites on a plasma TV will appear brighter and more white then the whites seen on a LCD television.

Also, plasma televisions have a wider viewing angle then that of the average LCD TV. Normally, plasmas are designed to have a viewing angle of 160° where as a LCD screen’s viewing angle is about 120° to 130° maximum.

So, which should I purchase?
Because both LCD and Plasma televisions are extremely comparable, while having clear advantages over one another, many people make their final decision based on price and value. If you are in the market for a big screen television (50” plus) plasma is definitely the way to go; simply because large sizes of LCD televisions have proven difficult to produce because of the material which they are made. However, if you are in the market for a smaller television (15” to 42”) you are probably better off buying a LCD television. The price difference compared to a plasma television is slight while the picture resolution for the lowest quality resolution LCD TV is in actuality higher then that of a higher end HD plasma television.

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