How to Save Paper in Your Office and at Home

How_to_save_paperAre you tired of seeing blank pieces of paper thrown away because someone printed one line on them? I know I do! There are many ways to save paper. Everyone is talking about saving trees and “Going Green.” It is about time we ALL did our part. You probably already have a few ideas, but here are a few of my own ideas to give everyone in your office.

The first thing you should do before you print your paper is check to see what the page is going to look like when you print it. Most printers have a print preview page that shows you what your images will look like when printed. If there is a page that you don’t need, don’t print it. You can print a few pages if you need to. If you only need pages four and five of a document, then go to print and check that you only need pages four and five printed. This will save you ink as well as paper. You are only going to throw the paper away so why even print it? Just print the documents you need on the right paper.

Another great way to save paper is to keep paper that you printed accidentally for scrap paper. Everyone needs a scratch piece of paper in the office for something, even if it is as trite as writing a grocery list. Get a box and keep the extra paper in there. This will keep them from grabbing brand new sheets of paper from the printer to write their “to do” list or to sketch out an idea or design. This can also be used for printing a test page on. Many times people do not run a test page and they start printing copies of reports or other business items. They catch a mistake and it takes about five to ten copies to come out of the machine before you can stop your printer. This is just wasted paper.

Buying paper in bulk is always cheaper too. When you buy in bulk you get several reams of paper in a box. Not only is the box handy for holding scratch paper next to the printer later, but many companies offer shipping discounts on orders over a certain amount or bulk size.

Duplex printing can also save you a lot of paper. If you do a lot of faxing, especially one page faxes, then you will save a lot of paper since the cover sheet plus the one page will only equal one sheet of paper instead of two. Obviously, you will continue to cut down on paper the longer the document is as well. This feature allows you to automatically fax a two sided document. It not only saves paper, but it enhances your productivity. Saving paper is a plus when you are dealing with printing, especially if you print out a lot of pictures. The best way to save on picture paper is to print a test copy on regular sheets of paper. Photo paper is very expensive and you don’t want to waste three or four sheets printing test pages. It is easy to save money if you take the time to pay attention to what you are doing. Save money today and spend it tomorrow.

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