How to Save on Toner

canon_mf8180cIf you do a lot of printing, whether it is at work or at home, then I’m sure you’d like to cut costs on toner and other consumables. The more you print the more money you are going to spend on things like toner and paper. However, if you have a color laser printer, then there are a few ways that you can save yourself, or your company, money on toner.

The first way to save money is not to panic when you see the “low toner” light on. All you have to do is take the cartridge out of the printer and shake it very gently. By doing this you are waking up your cartridge for a few more print cycles. The light should go off and this will save you money by using your toner cartridge to the last drop. If it doesn’t work, then you know it is actually dry and it is time to order more toner.

Another way to save on toner is to buy in bulk so you get a discount on your large order. Toner bundles are a great way to save money, as the bundle price is cheaper than buying each cartridge individually. You can also save on your order if your order is over a certain price amount, since you will most likely receive free shipping.

Another way to save money on your toner is by buying a laser printer that has a separate toner cartridge and drum unit. Although some printers are sold with the toner cartridge and the drum as one unit, you usually end up replacing the toner more than the drum. Buying them together can be easier to install, but why keep buying a drum that doesn’t need to be replaced? It ends up being more costly in the long run to buy the one unit than replacing the toner when it is low.

Before you buy a printer, checking the yield of the toner cartridge is also very important. The yield will help you determine how many pages you will be able to print before the toner cartridge runs out. Yield is expressed as a certain number of pages based on a certain amount of text coverage per page (i.e. 4000 pages at 5% coverage). If you buy a printer in advance that has toner cartridges with a long life you will be sure to save money.

Hopefully these tips will help you save money on your toner. We understand that every little expense can add up, so find the best ways to eliminate some of yours.

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