How to Properly Clean an LCD Monitor

hp_RD125A8ABAKeeping your LCD monitor screen clean can be very hard to do, especially if you have little fingers in your house. Even in the work environment, it can be hard to keep the LCD screens clean. Dust particles are flying all over the place. People are sneezing or coughing on them. At home you may have kids that are playing games on the computer. They feel like they need to touch the monitor while they are playing. Their hands may have remnants of peanut butter and jelly, or other foreign objects. You want to keep your screen clean, but with all this going on it seems almost impossible.

There is hope for you though. First you need to turn the screen off so you can properly see all the smudges and fingerprint marks. The best way to clean your LCD monitor screen is by using water and vinegar, or water and isopropyl alcohol. Do not use Windex or some other furniture product. It seems easy to just dust the screen when you are dusting the furniture around it, but this can cause damage. Some of these products have ammonia in them and over time will cause damage to your screen.

When preparing your solution for cleaning, do not use regular water out of the faucet. You will need distilled water. Regular tap water will leave marks on your screen. Make sure that you have a soft cloth to clean the screen with too. A microfiber or 100% cotton cloth works best. Just do not use anything that is abrasive. A lint free cloth is perfect. The cloths that you use for cleaning your eye glasses with may work as well.

Once you have found your cloth, then you can mix your solution. The amount of each liquid, the isopropyl alcohol and the water, should be fifty fifty. If you use vinegar, then use the same amount also. Mix them gently in a spray bottle and spray them on the cloth. Do not ever spray the LCD screen directly. The liquid can run in to the bottom of the screen causing damage. If you are cleaning a laptop, make sure that you wipe the screen completely dry before you close.

You can buy LCD cleaning supplies at many stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Office Depot. The solution has the same ingredients as your homemade cleaner. You will just come out a little cheaper by making them at home.

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