Hands-Free Headsets for a Hands-on Life

Plantronics_VOYAGER_520If you are currently a driver in the U.S., you, at some point have felt the frustrations of driving behind, next to, or in front of a reckless driver blabbing away on his or her cell phone. And though I have personally felt these frustrations, I have also occasionally been one of those annoying drivers with a cell phone at her ear. Generally, I try not to use my cell phone while driving because I do understand the potential dangers of multitasking while operating a multi-ton vehicle. However, I do empathize with the occasional emergency call made while driving.

Last July my home state of California implemented its first hands-free cell phone law. At first I protested and avoided spending the money to buy a hands-free headset, thinking that they were pricy and a bit dorky looking. However, I quickly felt the need for a hands-free device. I caved and went out and bought myself a Bluetooth headset and have never looked back. The functionality of my Bluetooth far exceeded my original expectations.

I had initially thought that I would leave my Bluetooth device in my car, only to be used while driving. However, my Bluetooth quickly proved its worth in my everyday life. Multitasking, for me, became that much easier. I can now leave my cell phone in one room, activate my Bluetooth, and roam around my apartment doing various chores while talking on the phone- hands-free. This convenience carries over into the outside world as well. For example, grocery shopping while talking on the phone used to mean one less hand to push the cart and pick up groceries with, but with a Bluetooth devise this becomes much easier. The leisure’s of a Bluetooth device are ones that I thought I would never indulge in, yet I have quickly become a fan of the Bluetooth.

Major brands of Bluetooth devices include Plantronics, Nokia, and Motorola. Prices on these products can vary from about $30 to $100 plus depending on brand name, quality, and functionality. On the criteria of price, quality, and functionality, I would recommend Plantronics Voyager 520. This is the updated version of the Plantronics Voyager 510 which was highly recommended in value by PC Magazine in September 2007 and by CNET in September 2005. The Voyager 520 is comfortable, compatible with the majority of all mobile phones, and works well in most environments.

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