Generic vs. Name Brand Ink

Because of the sometimes high prices of ink cartridges, people often opt to buy generic brand inks or refill old cartridges. However these options may not actually be saving you money in the long run. Factors such as prints per-cartage, longevity of the prints, and quality of the prints actually may make buying name brand ink over alternative options a better choice for you.

For instance, HP claims that their ink will last twice as long as any refilled cartridge and that their cartridges are about five times more reliable then remanufactured toner. Additionally, companies such as HP often offer additional high end ink lines to increase the quality of your prints at home. HP’s Vivera inks are specially designed to give radiant colors, superior shadow detailing, and reduce image grain- all in order to deliver professional quality prints at home, especially when paired with HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. And yes, the brand and quality of the photo paper matter as well when trying to achieve the best quality prints. Because HP designs the printer, the ink, and the paper, the compatibility of this printing trio work together in harmony to deliver the best professional quality prints. Furthermore, the Vivera inks use dyes to enhance their colors rather than pigments. This not only guards your prints from fading for 108 years, but also enhances the print finish to be extraordinarily uniform, smooth, and high gloss when paired with high gloss photo paper.

Buying the ink specifically made for your printer by the printer’s manufacturer will insure quality prints every time. The ink is specifically designed to fit the specs of your printer, ultimately meaning that it is your printers best fit. So next time you are considering “cheaper” ink alternatives, consider factors that go beyond the absolute immediate monetary cost of the ink.

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