Bettering Your HD Experience- HDMI Cables

Belkin_F2E8242b10For those of you out there who have not heard about HDMI cables, HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Simply put, an HDMI cable is the connection between your HDTV and any other audio/video source, such as your DVD player. This digital cable not only simplifies your cabling system, because audio and video cables are encompassed in one single cable, but HDMI also delivers the highest-quality crystal-clear experience to any home-theater. The quality of the audio/video signal sent is improved because both the signal sent is digital and is never converted to analog and back, and also because the signal is never compressed. These two things combined work to send the highest quality signal, which in turn delivers the highest quality experience for the viewer.

Now there are a number of HDMI cables currently on the market ranging in price from $10-$150. So what’s the difference? The truth, not much but the price. Though salesmen may try to convince you otherwise, arguing that the more expensive cables have 14k gold connectors or have lifetime guarantees- none of this makes any real difference. For one, all HDMI cables are going to have the same basic parts and any variation of part will not make your picture any more or less clear, even if the connectors are made of 14k gold. Secondly, why would you want a lifetime guarantee on a technology that is going to advance to an upgraded version in the next few years, when that time comes you will probably be buying another upgraded cable anyways.

The only drawback of buying a cheap cable is that most electronic stores, only carry more expensive HDMI cables and cheap versions usually must be ordered online. The brands of HDMI cables that I would recommend to look for online are Belkin, Cables to Go, and IOGEAR. All of these brands carry HDMI cables that are both inexpensive and quality.

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