Backing Up Your Holiday Digital Photos

western_digital_WDH1U5000Four weeks into my so called Euro trip, while having dinner with a few friends in the South of France, my beloved digital camera failed me for the first time. Unexpectedly, while taking a few snap, my digital camera read “Error. Unlock Disk”. Immediately, I thought that this was going to be a minor issue with my photo card, but I was wrong. The error was huge and unrecoverable. After countless hours of fussing with my camera and consulting with peers and tech support, it was concluded that my pictures were forever lost. Just like that, a month of memories and travels captured on a single photo card disappeared and were never to be seen again. Though devastated by my loss, my misfortune taught me an important life lesson. Always, ALWAYS back up your photos.

This is an especially important tip to remember with the holiday season quickly approaching.Many of us will soon be taking countless snap shots to capture the memories of the season spent with family and friends. Because of the convenience digital cameras offers us (allowing us to take endless photos and immediately view the pictures after being taken) most of us will never get around to actually getting those pictures printed or even downloaded onto our computers in a timely fashion. This is a habit that needs to be broken.

If you are one those people who would answer, “family photos”, as being one of the top five things that you would save from a fire, it is important to realize that natural disaster is not the only type of disaster that could hit your photos. Technical disaster is the tragedy that could potentially hit any one of in this fast paced digital era. Photo cards mysteriously delete pictures, computers crash, a variety of scenarios can occur that could potentially erase every one of your priceless photos. For this reason, it is important to commit to actually taking a few minutes to download your pictures onto your computer and even take it one step further. With as little effort as a few click of the mouse you can save additional copies of your photos onto external hard drives, USB flash drives, or even CD’s and DVD’s.

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