A Universal Cell Phone Charger

GSM Association, a mobile phone trade association, recently announced the introduction of a universal phone charger. By the estimated date of January 2012 most new mobile phones will support the universal charger. This universal charger is rooted in a micro-USB interface that will allow for the universal application across a variety of brands and manufacturers of mobile phones. Supporters of the universal charger include LG, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Sony.

The hope is that with a universal mobile phone charger, there will be a reduction in e-waste- a current problem facing the environment and society at large. With only one charger, there will be no change of charger when a phone is upgraded or replaced. This is also a benefit to consumers as well. Have you ever been on a trip and forgotten to bring along your cell phone charger? Well if you have, you were probably forced to go to an electronics store and buy another, over priced, charger for your mobile phone. This is a common consumer problem, but if everyone has a universal charger you could easily borrow someone else’s charger to charge your phone. Additionally, hotels could simply stock a couple of these chargers at the front desk for any traveler who forgot to pack their charger.

The introduction of a universal mobile phone charger is a great green innovation that I predict will soon become a concept of other electronic industries as well.

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